Reserving “La Grande Bellezza”

Reserving “La Grande Bellezza”

Making your charter booking with “La Grande Bellezza” is very easy. Just follow these steps:

Step 1. Check and make sure your charter dates are available by checking our Calendar. Decide where you want to go. Our home Port year round is Long Beach, California

Step 2. Contact your charter broker and give them our website to reserve charter for you. 

Step 4. Complete Charter & Preference Checklist (link) from this website and send to charter broker.

Step 5. Get a signed charter contract from your charter broker.

Step 6. Boarding Information will be provided by email after charter contract is signed.

Cancellation Policy:

The charter fee or any portion thereof paid herein shall only be refundable provided that the Charterer submits to the Company written notice of their intention to cancel at least ninety (90) days prior to the start date of the charter. In the event of a cancellation made within ninety (90) days of the charter start, the charter fee or any portion thereof paid herein shall be refunded provided that the company is able to rebook the Yacht for the same charter dates under such terms and conditions at least as favorable to the Company as those set forth herein. There will be a $200.00 cancellation fee in the event of any refund. It is strongly recommended that a trip cancellation policy is taken by Charterer as this Cancellation Policy is strictly adhered to.

Trip Cancellation Insurance:

 This is strongly recommended.