Special Offers

Our exclusive discounts can help make your charter experience, just that little bit more special.

Start your charter today with La Grande Bellezza.

If you look at our current calendar today and you see that we do not have a charter booked for the following week, we will authorize the broker to discount the charter by 5% off published rate

We are offering extended stay  Crewed quarantine specials to temporarily live on your very own catamaran in the U.S.V.I.  You’ll have your very own office for work and home-schooling your kids with an unmatchable view of paradise. 

✅ On Board Wifi
✅ Up to 12 Guests, 8 Comfortably
✅ 1-4 Weeks Availability
✅ New COVID-19 Cleaning Practices
✅ Anchor in St. John ,  St. Thomas or St. Croix or move when you want. 
✅ No Passport Required (For U.S.)

We can’t imagine a safer way for you and your loved ones to truly get away while staying connected to your everyday life.

Visit us for more info and up to date. Call (951) 259-5169