Water Sports and Activities

Water Sports and Activities

As you would expect in the we have a profusion of water sports and activities available during your sailing vacation!

SUP, Kayaks, iFloats and Water Skiing – La Grande Bellezza

Try out the hot new trend on the water by using one of La Grande Bellezza’s Stand-Up Paddle Boards (SUP’s). Instead of the traditional surfboard style, where you paddle out to the wave with your arms and stand up to catch it, on a stand-up paddle board (SUP) you stand up the entire time and use your paddle to get around. You don’t even need waves to have a great time on an SUP. Ideal for exploring deserted beaches and coves.

Paddleboards are a fabulous charter accessory. The SUP is an easy and stable paddle for first timers, perfect to explore idyllic creeks and bays with a great vantage point to see fish, without putting a mask on! The boards are fun to paddle longer distances, “Do a Downwinder” or catch a wave for the more experienced paddler. They also make an excellent mode of transport to head to a bar or beach…..or just to relax on, or even yoga on, tethered to the back of your yacht. Adjustable length paddles ensures a perfect fit for all.

Our double kayaks come equipped with seat backs, bottle holders and gear storage giving you the potential to do a grand tour of the bays from your yacht, or a convenient way to get to the beach. Alternatively, their stability lends itself to trying a spot of fishing . The highly durable and lightweight combination make it an easy accessory to add to your charter and adds another dimension to your adventure.

Kayaks, Paddleboards and iFloats are a wonderful way to enjoy anchorages at the end of the day in peace and tranquility, or take a picnic to a deserted beach … and its great exercise too!

iFloats & iSki: La Grande Bellezza has 24 ft. iFloats on board

Scooter Rental:

Dining Out

There’s a tremendous variety of bars, cafes and restaurants available at most ports or marinas.

Scuba Snorkel

All instructors are PADI certified and intimately know the best and most beautiful dive sites for Catalina scuba diving. All scuba tours can be a pre-arranged rendezvous with your charter boat.

Equipment is included with all dives. Most of the companies above also rents out diving and snorkelling equipment for your USVI snorkelling requirements.

Get Married

Thinking of getting married before, during or after your sailing vacation? We can assist you with local wedding coordinators who can assist in planning your special day.