Your Trip, Your Itinerary


Your Trip, Your Itinerary

When you want to tour the U.S. Virgin Islands and surrounding areas in true style and comfort, La Grande Bellezza offers top-class yacht trips that no one around can match – a five star adventure!


Let’s talk more about how this works – how we structure our program to offer an optimized experience to every guest.


No Set Itinerary


A cruise is a cruise, right? And a yacht trip is a yacht trip – but at the end of the day, there are important things that differentiate some of these experiences from others.


You may have noticed some of these differences if you’ve ever taken a trip where a set itinerary became a kind of regimented limit on your freedom to move around and enjoy yourself.


In many cases, it’s good to have some core itinerary, but when it becomes too rigid, it can be a problem. People feel like they’re being hurried on and off of islands or around different areas, or that they don’t have time to do the things that they most want to do.


Lots to Do in the Virgin Islands


Let’s face it – there’s a lot to do on and around the U.S. Virgin Islands. There are historical landmarks, cultural centers, pristine oceanic landscapes and more. At La Grande Bellezza, we take care to allow you to set your itinerary the way you want, so that you get more out of your experience.


Spas and Wellness Centers


Many of our guests like to add a pampering spa trip into their journey. We allow this kind of tailored scheduling as well, with good connections to local spas offering a truly luxurious and relaxing experience.


Specialized Menus


Another thing that we’re very proud of is our ability to create and execute specialized menus for our guests.


With culinary professionals working hard to satisfy your taste buds, you can get a daily cuisine that’s targeted to your preferences and any other factors like allergies, gluten-free preferences or other choices.


It’s all part of offering the most fun and rewarding journeys around the U.S. Virgin Islands and the ability to enjoy this scenery to the max.


Our gallery shows some of what you can expect when you’re sitting on the deck, looking out at all of the astounding natural scenery that the local area offers. You’ll know that you’re doing that in an environment that honors the individual and works the itinerary and everything else according to your needs. Book with us at La Grande Bellezza for a unique USVI trip.