Why Chartering a Yacht During Winter is a Great Idea

Why Chartering a Yacht During Winter is a Great Idea

A recent survey found that nearly 23% of Americans prefer taking their vacations in the winter months. Finding the right destination for your winter vacation will require some time and research. Some people think that the only time they can visit the Virgin Islands is in the summer months. In reality, this popular destination is beautiful anytime of year. 

One of the best ways to seek the Virgin Islands is onboard a luxury yacht. Renting a yacht during the winter months is a great idea and here are some of the reasons why. 

Escape the Brutal Winters in North America

Regardless of where you live in the United States, temperatures will dip very low during the winter months. If you are tired of freezing on daily basis, it is time for a break in the action. Escaping the winter weather in your area is easy if you book a yacht charter in the Virgin Islands. In South America, which is where the Virgin Islands are located, there is year-round sunshine. 

This means the weather on your winter vacation will be warm and pleasurable. With warmer weather, you will be able to participate in all of the things that make the Virgin Islands famous. These activities include things like fishing, snorkeling and laying out on the beach. Are you ready for some warm weather and fun in the sun? If so, it is time to book your yacht charter today!

Fantastic Sailing Conditions

Before booking a yacht charter, most people want to know more about the sailing conditions. If the water is choppy or there is bad weather, you will be unable to enjoy your yacht trip. When visiting the Virgin Islands during winter, you will be able to take advantage of the great sailing conditions this area offers. Since hurricane season ends around mid-November, the winter sailing conditions in the Virgin Islands are pristine. 

The only issue you should be concerned with when sailing in winter are the occasional high winds. If you charter a yacht, an experienced captain will be able to handle the driving of the boat. This means you can sit back and enjoy the great weather in the Virgin Islands. 

Avoid Large Crowds of Tourists

As previously mentioned, the Virgin Islands are one of the most popular vacation destinations on the planet. However, most people choose to book their vacations to this tropical destination during the summer months. If you visit the Virgin Islands during this time, you will be confronted with large crowds of tourists. Avoiding these crowds will require some tact when it comes to planning your trip. 

Most experienced travelers prefer to vacation in the offseason. During the winter, you will have no problem getting reservations or booking a yacht charter. Being smart about when you plan your vacation can help you have a much better time in the Virgin Islands. 

It’s Time to Charter a Yacht

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