What’s In A Galley?

What’s In A Galley?


Well first, for the uninitiated, what is a galley?


The galley as eloquently defined in any number of dictionaries as essentially the kitchen of a ship. (don’t confuse it with a particular type of ship rowed by gangs pressed into labor, that’s a different thing.) The galley of a ship is typically below deck and should occupy its own space in the cabin.


If you’re a fan of traditional shipbuilding or pirate lore, you probably think of rough wooden beams, battered cast-iron kettles and a grizzled cook swearing and scrubbing with some lye soap, while burlap sacks of flour and grain sway back and forth in the corner as the ocean swells…


But the ship’s galley has come a long way since then, and our galleys really exemplify the luxury modern design you can expect from top-tier boating experiences in the 21st century.


So what can you see in our galleys?


You can see modern appliances. You can see gas ranges for quick and precise cooking, and multi-toasters to get a full set of toast or bagels pronto. You might even see some of the smart home or automated chef gear that has become available in the cloud era for digital recipes and much more. 


You can see lots of counter space, and specialized gear and equipment for whipping up any kind of high cuisine that you might desire on the high seas.


In addition, you’ll see some pretty interesting engineering in the galley area. Some of our galleys have those built-in fisheye lights that you’d expect to see in a luxury kitchen on land. The reality is that these types of modern in-ceiling lighting can be even easier to install in a ship than they would be in the house. But the bottom line is that we’ll stop at nothing to build comfort and luxury into airship’s galleys and every other part of the ship.


So that’s what we put into our galleys, to impress guests with what they can expect on the water. 


You can see this and a lot more on the website – by clicking around and seeing all of the photography and video tour resources that we offer, you can imagine what it’s like to be waterborne on one of our modern luxury crafts. Call us with any questions about how to book or how to enjoy a memorable experience on one of our boats.