What to Expect While Sailing

What to Expect While Sailing

Let’s face it; you have the soul of an adventurer. You parasail in the Florida Keys, backpack through Europe, and ski in the Rocky Mountains. You’ve done it all, well almost. There’s one item left on your bucket list you haven’t gotten to yet. What is it? That’s sailing. You may be reluctant to spend an all-out purchase on a new sailboat. You might want to get experience sailing under your belt before you take the full plunge. That’s where we come in. Here’s what to expect on your first sailing excursion with La Grande Bellezza.    

You will have the time of your life

Expect to have fun—lots of it. There is much to do. Enjoy snorkeling off Grenada’s coast, sunbathing in the United States Virgin Islands, or learning how to sail the high seas. Enjoy your vacation with a variety of water sports and activities. Dine at the best local restaurants the islands have to offer with local fare. Helicopter tours of the islands, surfing, and bicycling are all fun activities in which to participate. You can even learn how to sail.      

So, you’re ready to learn how to sail

Sailing offers a lifetime of exploration and excitement. Generations of sailors have learned how to navigate the Caribbean’s pristine waters while spending time with their families and loved ones. It’s not something you’ll pick up overnight, it’s a skill set, but the basics are easy to learn. Before setting sail for the first time, there are various online courses to teach you what to expect with your first sailing excursion. Some of those are outlined here on the website for the American Sailing Association.  

Some Technical Stuff

The cruise won’t always be calm. When sailing upwind, or in other words, the wind will be coming right over the bow, it won’t be smooth sailing. Expect spray. There may be small waves, there may be big waves. The bow may slap the waves. When sailing downwind, or what’s calling running or a broad reach, it should be much less turbulent. The bigger the boat, the less it will be subject to the elements; the sea and weather.

Have Fun

No matter what, have fun. If you decide to sail, do that. If you want to just relax and sip Mimosas, you can do that also. The La Grande Bellezza or Italian word for the great beauty or loveliness should suit you well for all of your vacationing needs.