Travel Your Way With A Private Sailing Charter

Travel Your Way With A Private Sailing Charter

These are uncertain times in which we collectively find ourselves living in. With the growing concerns of health and safety and the introduction of social distancing, our daily routines and future plans are changing. It is no surprise that how we travel and spend our vacation time is changing as well. But these changes do not mean that we have to sacrifice our travel altogether, just that we make wise choices.

Concerns Of Crowds

The allure of commercial cruise ships and all-inclusive resorts is fading as we weigh the pros and cons of gathering with large crowds in confined spaces. The appeal of these types of vacations lies in their ability to take us to tropical, foreign locations and include our room and board in an all in one package. 

Most people choose to spend their vacation or weekend away with friends, family, or the one special person in their lives, which means the crowds of cruise lines and resorts are unnecessary to the actual enjoyment of the occasion. With this in mind, there are travel options that provide the essence of what it means to truly relax and get away from the daily grind, without the added unnecessary hassle of being surrounded by a crowd of people.

Private Sailing Charters Rise To The Occasion

Private sailing charters may have at one time been considered only available to the elite; however, this type of travel is accessible to anyone who wishes to experience a unique and unforgettable vacation. Cruising aboard a stunning yacht captained by an experienced professional captain, and with your own personal crew, embodies every interpretation of a dream vacation. 

All-inclusive, with meals prepared on board for you, there is literally nothing you have to do but relax and take it all in. Private sailing charters offer open itineraries that can last for as few or as many days as you like, and incorporate the things that you most want to see and do.

The Ultimate Freedom

Unlike sailing on large cruise ships, your time aboard your private yacht is all about you and the friends and family you bring on board to share in the adventure. This means no lines, no crowds, no worries. Just open seas, secluded beaches, and local ports of interest, all waiting for you.

An Attainable Dream

This is the time to let our idea of vacation evolve for us to envision a way to experience travel that places quality over quantity and true adventure over the status quo. Take this moment in time to plan your escape aboard a private sailing vessel with La Grande Bellezza, a five-star renowned sailing adventure. Sail off into the sunset and let your worries melt away aboard the boat of your dreams.