Best Caribbean Trips with La Grande Bellezza

Best Caribbean Trips with La Grande Bellezza

Our video tours are extremely important to us at La Grande Bellezza. Sure, in a brochure or text webpage, you can learn about how to enjoy a boat trip around the Caribbean without being your own captain – but the video tour really brings it home in a compelling way. It shows up close, how we set up our boats for the premium experience for all visitors, and how we bring you close to the action in a part of the world known for its grandeur and scenic beauty. 


By taking a quick video tour of one of our boats, you can see how they are furnished and what amenities you can expect in the cabins (for example, clean, crisp linens, modern furnishings, and clean, enjoyable spaces.) You get a direct visual impression of what it will feel like to in an area of the boat and enjoy its modern design, along with all of the little extras that will make your trip so grand.

You can also think about how our amenities and spaces will work with your group whether it’s a family, workgroup, or a circle of friends. The virtual tour helps you to plan your trip practically, with more of a visual idea of how the boat is set up. 


Another way to enjoy the virtual tour is to think about the services that you’ll receive, including cocktails and dining. Part of the virtual tour includes checking out our modern kitchen areas and thinking about how refreshments will work when you’re out at sea, under the capable eye of Chef Tayla Willows. You can call with any questions, or navigate the rest of the site for details, but the virtual tour is a way to see at a glance what your trip will look like. 

On the Water

Then, of course, you can also check out the view from our boats, and how you will take in the scenic waters of the Caribbean area while on board. Because you can see a 360-degree view, you get a preliminary idea of the view from the stern or the bow

These are some of the benefits of being able to take a look at a virtual tour on our website before you go further with the booking process. With luxury yacht rentals from La Grande Bellezza, we offer a unique opportunity to get out in the Caribbean and really experience these top-class destinations!