10 Day St. Vincent Itinerary

10 Day St. Vincent Itinerary

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Day 1. Young Island Cut to Bequia

Your St Vincent sailing itinerary starts with a comprehensive chart and yacht briefing at Young Island Cut or Blue Lagoon on the south-west coast of St. Vincent. You then set sail for a brief 2-hour voyage to Bequia. This island is one of the most laid back and attractive islands of the whole Caribbean – exactly what you need on the first day of your sailing holiday. Bequia has been closely linked to seafaring for centuries and old traditions continue. After picking up a mooring in Admiralty Bay you may want to stock up with some hard to find items at Doris Fresh Foods, before cocktails and dinner at one of the shore-side restaurants.

Day 2.  Bequia to Mustique

A leisurely sail to Mustique, stopping for a swim and explore at Petit Nevis, a small palm-covered island and the location of an old whaling station where the ruins can still be seen. At Mustique pick up a mooring before heading over to the World famous Basil’s Bar or catch a taxi up to the Firefly Restaurant for sundowners and dinner.

Day 3.  Mustique to Tobago Cays

Sail south to the Tobago Cays, one of the most beautiful anchorages in the World. Anchor or pick up one of the moorings inside the Cays with the huge horseshoe reef in front of you to protect from the ocean swell. There are no restaurants or bars in the Cays – light up the BBQ and dine under the stars.

Day 4. Tobago Cays

Spend the day snorkeling and exploring the Cays – since the area is protected the wealth of sea life is extraordinary. Just off the little island of Baradel is an area cordoned off for turtles to feed, and it’s an incredible experience to get close and swim with these remarkable animals. Explore the islands ashore and climb to their summits for the stunning views and watch the almost tame iguanas and land tortoises lumbering around.

Day 5.  Tobago Cays to Salt Whistle Bay

The mid-point of your St Vincent sailing itinerary. A short sail to Mayreau in the morning, dropping anchor in Salt Whistle Bay, a palm-fringed semi-circle of white sand. There’s some good walking here, but most worthwhile is the short hike to the top of the hill and the breathtaking view from the Catholic Church. For dinner dine flintstone style on rock tables at the Salt Whistle Bay Resort or anchor in Saline Bay and walk up to Dennis’s Hideaway for fresh local fish or lobster.

Day 6.  Salt Whistle Bay to Chatham Bay

Sail downwind for an hour to Chatham Bay, Union Island. This large anchorage has a sweeping beach under high hills. There is excellent snorkeling along the north side of the bay and some great walking ashore. For dinner enjoy a beach BBQ organized by “Shark Attack” or local food at the Sun, Beach and Eat Bar run by Seckie and Vanessa.

Day 7.  Chatham Bay to Petit St. Vincent

Sail from Chatham to Clifton Harbour, clear out of the Grenadines then sail on to Petit St Vincent for the night. Anchor off PSV Resort, dine exclusively at the resort or arrange a water taxi for excellent local food at Palm Beach Restaurant on Petite Martinique. Top off with water and fuel if required on Petite Martinique.

Day 8.  Petit St. Vincent to Carriacou

A downwind 1.5-hour sail to Carriacou, anchoring off Hillsborough to clear into Grenada before moving onto a mooring at beautiful Sandy Island. Spend the afternoon snorkeling and walking the beach and either overnight here or motor the short distance round to Tyrrel Bay where you will find local restaurants and bars. It’s worth spending the time to explore Carriacou, another incredibly laid-back island of 1 gas station and 200 rum shops!

Day 9.  Tyrell bay – St George’s

An exhilarating downwind sail to St George’s passing the isolated islands of Kick ‘em Jenny and Isle De Ronde. On arrival at St George’s anchor off Ross Point or for luxury, book a slip at the new Port Louis Marina. Dine at the marina’s own restaurant or for some very authentic local cuisine go to BB’s Crab Back on the Carenage.

Day 10. St. George’s

No visit to Grenada would be complete without an island tour. The “Isle of Spice” is one of the most spectacularly beautiful islands of the Caribbean with lush rainforest, waterfalls, old plantations and spectacular beaches. There are many hiking trails around the island – from easy half-hour hikes to a waterfall to arduous all-day hikes to the island’s highest point Mt St.Catherine. The town of St George’s is regarded as the most picturesque capital in the Caribbean.

Day 11.  St. George’s to True Blue Bay

The last short sail of your St Vincent sailing itinerary is across the flat waters of Grand Anse Bay and around the SW tip of Grenada to True Blue Resort. True Blue Resort is just a few minutes ride from the airport and is a great place to base yourselves if you plan to be on the island and explore for a few more days.