La Grande Bellezza’s Sample Menu by Chef Marie

La Grande Bellezza’s Sample Menu by Chef Marie


La Grande Bellezza’s Breakfast

Roasted veggies scramble eggs, served with Italian sausages, roasted tomatoes, and avocado

Spinach Spanish Frittata

Huevos rancheros served with homemade tortilla chips and guacamole

Hash brown based eggs, topped with caramelized bacon

Fried eggs at preference served with crispy bacon or sausages

Poached eggs served on a cheesed brioche or toast, on a bed of fresh spinach,

prosciutto and topped with caviar and truffle oil

Homemade French crepes served with Marie’s freshly made strawberry sauce 

Gourmet baguette French toasts served with Marie’s freshly made pineapple sauce and maple syrup

Blueberry & Apple muffins with smoothies, yogurt, and fruits

P.S: All our breakfasts come with toasts and fruits or smoothies


La Grande Bellezza’s Appetizers – Starters

Marie’s Fusioned Caribbean/Asian Pumpkin soup

Creamy Zucchini soup, served with Italian crostini

Caprese on a bed of balsamic arugula topped with homemade basil pesto 

Zucchini shrimp rolls

Mussels in Italian red sauce

Mussels in wine sauce

Bacon pineapple wraps

Tuna poketini 

Fish Mango ceviche

Polenta Fritters topped with guacamole

Seafood soup

Seafood salad

Pumpkin pudding topped with caramelized onion


Lobster fritters

Conch fritters


La Grande Bellezza’s Entrees

Caribbean chicken served on a bed of garden avocado salad, pineapple

salad dressing and homemade balsamic glaze

Fish tacos, served with mango salsa, Marie’s natural pickle cabbage and guacamole

Mahi Mahi with lime sauce served on a radicchio bowl of cabbage fresh slaw salad without mayonnaise

Beef/chicken/fish burritos served with guacamole and Pico de Gallo salsa

Salmon with dill sauce served on a bed of Sauté spinach and coconut rice

Dominican flag; rice, stewed beans and meat served with balsamic avocado salad

Ribeye/fillet mignon steaks with green pepper corn sauce and truffle golden new potatoes 

Sea bass with beurre Blanc sauce served with creamy mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus 

Chicken Rotis served with mango chutney and sour cream 

Fettuccine alla Bolognese served with salad

Noodles pad Thai 

Thai shrimp served with jasmine rice or quinoa

Ahí tuna, served on a bed of mango cabbage salad, homemade soy glaze and wasabi avocado mousse

Spaghetti with seafood 

Italian breast: beef roast stuffed with celery and carrots, slow cooked braced on a

caramelize wine onions, served with new potatoes and spinach salad

Carbonara fettucine

Marie’s soy caramelized pork tender loin, served with honey roasted sweet potatoes

Marie’s soy caramelized pork tender loin, served with honey roasted sweet potatoes

P.S: all our entrees come with fresh bread and salads or vegetables.


La Grande Bellezza’s Desserts 

Brownies with Marie’s passion fruit sauce

Key lime pie with Marie’s homemade lime caramelized sauce

Marie’s coconut flan with homemade caramel

Poached pears in red wine sauce served with vanilla ice cream 

Bananas flambee, served with vanilla ice cream 

Carrot cake, served with chocolate sauce

Marie’s Italian Grandma’s Apple tart

Italian traditional Tiramisu 

Cherry jubilee served with vanilla ice cream 

Spanish Rice pudding

Bread pudding with coconut caramelized pears 

Mango cheesecake


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