Grenada Water Sports and Activities

Grenada Water Sports and Activities

As you would expect in the Caribbean we have a profusion of water sports and activities available during your Grenada sailing vacation!

SUP, Kayaks, iFloats and Water Skiing

Try out the hot new trend on the water by using La Grande Bellezza’s towable iFloat. We also offer Stand-Up Paddle Boards (SUP’s). Instead of the traditional surfboard style, where you paddle out to the wave with your arms and stand up to catch it, on a stand-up paddle board (SUP) you stand up the entire time and use your paddle to get around. You don’t even need waves to have a great time on an SUP. Ideal for exploring deserted beaches and coves.

Paddleboards are a fabulous charter accessory. The SUP is an easy and stable paddle for first timers, perfect to explore idyllic creeks and bays with a great vantage point to see fish, without putting a mask on! The boards are fun to paddle longer distances, “Do a Downwinder” or catch a wave for the more experienced paddler. They also make an excellent mode of transport to head to a bar or beach…..or just to relax on, or even yoga on, tethered to the back of your yacht. Adjustable length paddles ensures a perfect fit for all.

Our double kayaks come equipped with seat backs, bottle holders and gear storage giving you the potential to do a grand tour of the bays from your yacht, or a convenient way to get to the beach. Alternatively, their stability lends itself to trying a spot of fishing . The highly durable and lightweight combination make it an easy accessory to add to your charter and adds another dimension to your adventure.

Kayaks, Paddleboards and iFloats are a wonderful way to enjoy anchorages at the end of the day in peace and tranquility, or take a picnic to a deserted beach … and its great exercise too!

iFloats & iSki
Learn to Kiteboard

We don’t expect you to get airborne on your first lesson, but after a little guidance from the experts at Kiteboarding Cruise

Grenada is one of the most unspoiled cruising destinations in the Caribbean. Besides spice trees it is spectacularly beautiful, has lush green mountains, crystal waterfalls and golden beaches. If you arrive in late afternoon on a boarding day most likely you will not see a lot of Grenada as we will depart for Carriacou Island the next morning. You might have more time exploring the spice island on your return.


We can arrange to have a Grenada windsurfer on board for your arrival, and before you leave the dock an instructor from your selected water sports equipment provider will meet with you at your boat and give you some tips on Grenada windsurfing (should you need them). They also have first-rate intermediate and advanced Grenada windsurfing equipment available. All Grenada from  windsurfing equipment is immaculately maintained and guaranteed.

Eco Dive and Trek

Coyaba Beach Resort,
Grand Anse,
1 (473) 444 7777


If you can’t live without cycling or biking, then rent one from Mocha Spoke Bicycle Tours:

Experience Grenada at the speed of bike. Come with us on a bicycle tour that will invigorate you with incredible sights and sounds.We’ll take you to places you can only experience by bike…an adventure you’ll remember long after your vacation is over.They have a wide range of cycling and biking equipment available to suit all sizes and budgets. Cycling/biking is a great way to get around on some of the larger islands that you might want to explore, and avoid the expense of renting a car.
Top user routes in Grenada
  • Belle Isle MTB exploration. 16 km 420 m 420 m. …
  • Cowpen to Coublau MTB. 19 km 750 m 750 m. …
  • Mt Royal to Sabazan and return via Kendeace. 6 km 200 m 200 m. …
  • MTB ascent of Mt Maitland from St George’s. 13 km 480 m 480 m. …
  • MTB ascent of Mt Maitland from St George’s. …
  • MTB circuit from Petite Anse Hotel.
Fly Fishing

“If you want to fly fish as well as enjoy all the other pleasures of the Grenada

For more information please visit

Dining Out

There’s a tremendous variety of bars, cafes and restaurants available in Grenada. Your Captain and Chef will be able to show you where they are. 

Helicopter Tours

We have everything you require to have the time of your life! Let us help you to kick your aerial ambitions up a notch! Our helicopter tours are unparalleled in variety of sightseeing options, convenience and comfort and offer a vantage point achieved only by being thousands of feet in the air!

Helicopter tours are available from:

Scuba Snorkel

Enhance your Grenada scuba diving adventure with

ment is included with all dives. They also rent out diving and snorkelling equipment for your Grenada snorkelling requirements.


The Caribbean may not be the first place you think of as a surfer’s paradise,

Canopy Tour on Grenada

The eco-friendly tour involves being hooked to a double line that takes individuals through a soaring path in the sky, offering breathtaking views. Canopy Ropes Course Experience Grenada’s newest Eco Adventure. A canopy tour that can take you on an unforgettable adventure as you journey from one platform to the next. The scenery high up within the forest canopy is spectacular. Enjoy the view of the river and the famous Seven Sister waterfalls from above.

Get Married

Thinking of getting married before, during or after your Grenada sailing vacation? We can assist you with local wedding coordinators who can assist in planning your special day.


Limin’ (taking it easy Caribbean style!) – after all you’re on vacation so you can take a breather.